Time for a change

We acknowledge we are part of the problem. And we need to do better.

Our industry is overdue for a clean-up. We’re a part of that change.

Our clean, cruelty-free, plant-based formulas are just the start. What they’re packaged in matters for our planet, too. It’s no secret that 95% of plastic packaging is only used once + that 5 trillion pieces have ended up in our oceans.

Sugarcane Polyethylene
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OWP is post consumer recycled plastic derived from plastic waste, collected by local fishermen in and around the Java Sea and rivers in Jakarta, and handed over to relevant local authorities to be recycled into new, sustainable packaging. OWP production emits 75% fewer greenhouse gases than virgin plastic. We use OWP in our bottles and pumps.

sugarcane polyethylene

This durable bioplastic that we use for our tubes are created from upcycled material from the sugar industry. The sugarcane plant is crushed for its high concentrate sugar juice that’s used for human consumption, at which point it is usually discarded, despite the fact that it still has subsequent crushings of weaker sugar that can’t be used for consumption. It is this substance that is used to produce ethanol and in turn, a fossil-fuel free plastic. Due to sugarcane’s ability to capture high levels of Co2, the production of the sugarcane polyethylene is carbon neutral. This material is recyclable.


We use glass for all our serums due to its high recyclability. We print directly onto glass using biodegradable plant-based inks that don’t interfere with the recycling process.

Achieving a net zero plastic footprint

We are now Plastic Neutral Certified by rePurpose Global, one of the first in our industry to achieve Net Zero Plastic Footprint. Here’s how it works:



Using rePurpose methodology, we tabulated the plastic footprint of our packaging and operations


We support vetted programs to collect and reuse as much ocean-bound plastic waste as our annual foootprint


We engage rePurpose and work to reduce virgin plastic use in our supply chains going forward


Our love for the planet and being sustainable is at the core of everything we do. We believe that being socially responsible and having a positive environmental impact is just as important for us as making clinically active skincare products that are proven to work.

Great skincare should not come at a cost to our planet and it’s our mission to try to find new ways to achieve a more sustainable future for both the environment and the beauty industry.

Certified Plastic Neutral
Ocean waste
upcycled packaging
Our partnership

Certified Plastic Neutral

We are certified Plastic Neutral. We enable the removal of one ocean-bound plastic product for every one we sell. That means each purchase will carry a zero plastic footprint, always.

Ocean Waste Plastic in our bottles & pumps

Our bottles and pumps are made from Ocean Waste Plastic (OWP) which are plastic waste collected in and around the Java Sea and recycled into sustainable new packaging.


We use upcycled packaging where possible whether its Post Consumer Recycled Plastics or Sugarcane Polyethylene tubes which are derived from discarded sugarcane pulp.

OUR partnership

Our partnership with rePurpose Global also allows us to empower marginalized waste workers worldwide who may otherwise struggle to secure formal employment.

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