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    A multitasking must-have for hair and skin

    Sumptuously hydrating and rich in anti-oxidants, our luxurious Multitasker contains 100% organic Marula oil. Marula oil contains four times as much vitamin C as oranges, is rich in vitamin E and is packed with high levels of oleic acid – which improves skin elasticity, and help your skin cells to renew and become more resilient. A true all-round miracle working multi-tasker, Marula oil can also be used to deeply condition hair and soothe dry cuticles and chapped lips. Best of all, this fast-absorbing oil won’t clog up your pores, leaving you feeling radiant and pampered all day long, with no greasiness. Use sparingly on your face and hair for a healthy glow.

    What I do:



     Youth Activating

    Ideal for: Tired, dehydrated skin in need of a big moisture hug

    Hero Ingredients

    100% Organic Marula Oil - Obtained from the kernels of fruits of the Marula tree, this luxurious oil contains anti-oxidant vitamins C and E. It will give you beautiful skin and hair by delivering nutrition and moisture wherever you apply it.

    For use on the skin, apply a few drops to your face daily, or as needed. For use on the hair, work a few drops through damp, clean hair after washing.