Japanese Wild Rose

Japanese Wild Rose is a prolific botanical whose fragrant blossoms grow in clusters. After blooming, these small but sturdy flowers produce many fruits, known as rose hips. These hard, berry-like orbs are a rich and rare plant source for essential fatty acids.


Japanese Wild Rose hips are abundant in Vitamins A, C, and E. Rich in flavonoids and tannins, the fruits of this flower promote the production of collagen, which reduces the appearance of pores. These actives also improve skin’s tone and texture by regulating its natural barrier function.


In traditional Eastern medicine, the leaves of the Japanese Wild Rose plant were used as a poultice to treat wounds. The rose hips were also used as a dietary supplements and herbal remedies for the flu, inflammation and osteoarthritis. Water infused with dried rose petals was also served as a tea to relieve headaches.


Native to East Asia, Japanese Wild Rose was cultivated for its medicinal benefits.


A single stem of the Japanese Wild Rose can produce up to 400 blossoms.

Japanese Wild Rose

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